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Join us and grow with us! A Bar N has a mission to set the bar for the highest quality American Wagyu beef the market has ever seen. In order to do so, we partner with producers across the country. A Bar N Ranch representatives are ready and able to work with you to make a plan and create systems that benefit you as a producer. The trials of marketing your calf crop in the traditional market space is a difficult task but with A Bar N, there is an opportunity for you to get paid for the high quality calves you raise. When partnering with us, you are partnering with a company looking to lead the way in the production of the highest quality American Wagyu on the Market.


Added value to your calf crop, a contract to lock in a premium off a basis set by cattle-fax number one feeder calves for the month you are selling and the state the cattle reside in, and a network to reach new levels of production and performance for you and your business!

Adding value to your calf crop will give you a chance at premiums above the traditional market.


An A Bar N Ranch Representative will evaluate your cow herd and explain to you what premium we can offer you based on the breeding program that you decide to be a part of.

Multiple breeding programs available including: purchasing high quality genetics through the use of A Bar N bulls, embryos, and semen will set you apart in the Wagyu industry and will give you the opportunity to be involved in our calf buyback program.

**Bulls for sale and for lease (lease dependent on the location of your herd to our headquarters).

Not certain if you want to invest in us? Other ways to start out, replacement heifers bred to our low birth weight calving ease sires (Premiums Still Included). Some may want to just buy our semen. Become a part of our Embryo calf developer program. All are options. We will work with any producer and try to cater a program to what fits your needs.

Contracts will be developed on a customer to customer basis and will work on timelines within the contract that you desire. We are willing to work with producers and have an ear to hear and assist with the needs of each. Let A Bar N help you propel your next calf crop to new levels!