Raising The Bar
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The Commitment

Since we bought our first Wagyu cattle, A Bar N Ranch has been committed to raising and delivering superior American Wagyu cattle to the market. The way we see it, this herd is a part of our family and so are our customers. It‘s our responsibilty to make sure our cattle are getting only the best treatment- pasture raised, grain finished and never treated with growth hormones.


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Our History

A Bar N Ranch is owned and operated by Gregg Allen and Van Nichols. The Ranch began as a cow/calf operation in June 2005 to more effectively utilize land assets in north Texas. However, the objectives of the operation changed after the founders experienced their first Wagyu steak and learned of the benefits of the breed. Ever since 2009, the ranch has been crossing American Black Angus based Cattle with the goal of developing one of the best herds of Wagyu/Angus cross cattle in the U.S.

The Team
Cade NicholsRanch Coordinator Show more
Cade holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from Texas A&M University. He works at our Sherman and Celina Ranches and helps to coordinate both operations.
Mike NormanCelina Ranch Manager Show more
Mike brings over 33 years of cattle experience to his role of Ranch Manager. He oversees our fullblood Wagyu operation based in Celina, Texas.
Tommy WilliamsSherman Ranch Manager Show more
With over 38 years of experience in ranching, Tommy heads our Sherman Ranch where we cross Wagyu bulls with our American Angus cattle.
Danny PerkinsMeat Manager Show more
After becoming an expert in all things-meat from the production side of the cattle industry, Danny currently heads up meat processing and sales for A-N Ranch.

The Wagyu CattleHealth Benefits

For years the American public has been told that all fat is bad, but we are here to tell you that our fat is good. That’s because Wagyu is intensely marbled with softer fat, it has higher percentages of monounsaturated fats, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and is lower in cholesterol than commodity beef. Meaning that our Wagyu is not only rich in taste and tenderness, but it is perfectly suitable for a well-balanced and healthy diet. Shop our online Butcher Shop here.

Who Buys Our Beef?

The GenesAndOur Breeding Benefits

We ain‘t talking about Levi‘s. Here at A Bar N, we cross superior Wagyu genetics with the Black Angus cows you know so well here in Texas. The result is our “American Wagyu“ with optimum marbling, tenderness, flavor and health benefits.

The beef from our Wagyu/Angus crossbred cattle takes red meat to a whole new level that is beyond Prime. Just ask anyone who has eaten an American Wagyu steak or ask the many chefs and food aficionados that are convinced it is simply the finest beef you can ever put on the dinner table.

American Wagyu HistoryWagyu is a Japanese cattle breed genetically inclined to produce beef that is densely marbled. ‘Wagyu’ refers to all Japanese beef cattle, where ‘Wa’ means Japanese and ‘gyu’ means cow. Back in the day, Wagyu cows were used in agriculture — their intra-muscular fat cells (aka ‘marbling’) provided a readily available energy source. Since the first import of these cattle from Japan to the US in 1976, Wagyu has been a prized breed providing beef with an exquisitely buttery texture and flavor

A Bar N Ranch

1341 South Preston Road, Suite C, Celina, TX 75009

Cattle Contact: Van Nichols, (214) 533-7166
Sales Contact: Katie Allen, (214) 686-5095

The American Wagyu Association promotes and upholds the standards for Wagyu beef